Season 1

Episode Guide

  • Episode 1.1

    One man's search for Love in the thirstiest town in America. Colin Meets 22 of the most eligible women in Provo and sends eight of them home.
  • Episode 1.2

    Colin goes on a group date with the girls and a one on one date with Megan. He sends four of them home.
  • Episode 1.3

    Colin goes on a group date with the girls to an escape room, he takes McKenna out on a date to Clas Ropes Course and sends 2 girls home.
  • Episode 1.4

    Colin goes on a group date with the five remaining women to Orem Classic Skating, a one on one date with Kate to FishKiss Spa, and sends home three women.
  • Episode 1.5

    Colin meets Annalee's friends and takes her on a one on one date bowling. He meets Elena's family and takes her horseback riding. He sends one girl home and asks the other to be his girlfriend.
  • After the Finale, LIVE Q&A with Colin, Annalee, and Creators

    Video from the Live Finale and Q&A with Colin, Annalee, Remington, and Carson in Provo Utah. Thanks to TheBeehive Live and Dry Bar Comedy Club for hosting!
  • Girls Tell All - Season 1

    We ask the women of Provo's Most Eligible about their experience on the show, including all the drama and all the cringe. We ask Megan about her engagement, Mckenna about her boyfriend, and Elena confronts Colin for the first time since the breakup.

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