Niel tells us he is a unique mixture of Bro and Nerd. On the Bro side he has shredded abs and considers Vasa a second home. He’s a two-time fantasy football champ, and played running back in High School. If you spend a lot of time in the Tanner Building at BYU, you’re bound to bump into him sporting a pair of all white Nike Airforce 270 kicks.

On the Nerd side, Niel has written a 250-page fantasy novel, and aspires to continue writing them for a living. When he wasn’t tearing up the gridiron in High School, he was in someone’s parents’ basement conducting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. He does academic research for work, and he’s won multiple Yugioh tournaments.

Side note: Niel is friends with another of our contestants, JW. We’ll see if their friendship will be tested as the compete for the affections of our lovely Provo’s Most Eligible Ladies!