Brandon graduated from BYU in computer science and loves his work as a web developer. But he’s not your average tech nerd. He has a love of folk dancing, and writes the occasional slam poem, and performs improv comedy. He loves hot tub conversations, fast roller coasters, Disney movies, and house plants. He currently has a bunch of avacado and mango seeds growing in his room. And though he foresees himself moving up in the tech company where he works, he sometimes dreams of switching gears and becoming a successful YouTuber.

Brandon wears his emotions on his sleeve but isn’t afraid to put himself out there. Perhaps during the cringier moments of PME Season 2, he is prone to turn 10 shades of red, but he assures us that is just a side effect of being ginger. He enjoys bringing laughter to any situation (where appropriate, of course), and is ready to be in a serious relationship.