Tyler transferred from the University of Utah to UVU and has only recently lived in Provo! In his words “I haven’t adopted a lot of the qualities of a Provo Bro yet, so I guess that’s a good thing?”

He is a Spanish Major doing Premed in hopes of becoming a physiatrist. He loves to play rugby, lift weights, read, rock climb, cook, travel, and bust out some dance moves. When asked why he should be on this season he said “that I am very well rounded. I have a wide variety of hobbies. I’m outgoing, but also a very observant and intellectual guy. I can be serious sometimes, but life’s not fun without a little sass. I can say i’m ready to find someone to marry, but that’s not what I think when I go on dates. Just looking for a women that I can develop a great friendship, have fun and be compatible with first off. Give me a chance and I’ll provide some great screen time and we’ll all have a blast!”