Sophie Téllez

“Not going to lie, I applied mostly as a joke because I didn’t think I’d actually get an email back, but mostly because I served my mission with Kodie, Carson and Remington and thought it would be funny. Plot twist, none of them remembered me and I got the position because I worked for a famous person once and I guess that was enough.”

This season Sophie worked as a P.A and boom operator. That meant she did what she was told and when someone handed her audio equipment she pretended to know what she was doing. Due to her non threatening aura she also became a “therapist” for many crew members.

As a creative, some of her favorite jobs have been as a freelance illustrator and cake decorator. Her current creative project has been working on releasing a podcast titled “Last Night’s Reading”. Sophie’s major is in Art History, but film has always been her ideal career path. Her goal is for she and her sister to be the first Latina women in history to own a film studio. Together they want to create prominent media that both promotes and represents racial diversity as well as make the film industry safe for not only women, but people of all gender orientations.