Scott is from the great state of Georgia and has the accent to prove it. His Southern nature is manifest in his wardrobe, which includes boat shoes and Polos during the summer, vests and button-ups during the winter, and an impressive collection of bow ties ready for formal occasions at any time of the year. Foosball is his best sport. Back home he is the self-declared county champ. He recently walked on to BYU’s spring football team as a kicker. Additionally, he play soccer, volleyball, and anything else that ends in -ball. He dedicates a piece of his time to serve the special needs community, since his youngest brother has Down syndrome. He’s the president of BYU’s chapter of Best Buddies and he says his special needs friends have done more for him than he could ever do for them, and they’re not shy to remind him how they have more girlfriends than he does. His major is economics and next summer he will be applying to medical school.

When asked about his intentions he said, “To be clear, I won’t say I plan on marrying this summer’s Bachelorette, but I will say that I’m not placing engagement outside the realm of possibilities. In fact, I’m wishing for it. Competitiveness – When I say I’m going to win, I do. When I say I’m going to lose, I usually win too. I imagine this could be the most competitive experience of my life, and I couldn’t be more ready.”