Matthew C. S. Julander

Matthew is a Utah-based filmmaker who makes the ends meet by working as a front end web developer. He has directed, shot, lit, edited, written, and acted in a number of web series, short films, industrials, and whatever else you can think up.

One of the highlights of his career came when he shot a little promotional sequence for Architectural Digest Magazine at the offices of the Honest Company in Marina Del Rey, California. There, he was honored to say “action” and then have Jessica Alba do things. The absolute pinnacle came in 2016 at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. He had the privilege of being ignored by Leonardo DiCaprio when asking the famous actor to sit on a stool for some photos for People Magazine.

Matthew became involved in Provo’s Most Eligible because when he moved back to Utah from Los Angeles in 2018, he borrowed a refrigerator dolly from one of his old scoutmasters, who happened to be the father of Carson Bown. They struck up a conversation about filmmaking, and Matthew told Carson, in rather cavalier fashion, to give him a call if he ever wanted to shoot something. Thus, for 2 seasons,  Matthew has served as PME’s Gaffer and one of its large compliment of camera operators. He provided a good deal of lighting equipment to the production from his own grip/electric package, and also served as the developer for the PME website.