Marianne Pressley

As one who wears many hats on the Provo’s Most Eligible Crew, Marianne is passionate and dedicated to the show.

Aside from her charismatic personality and awkward jokes that can silence a room, she knows what she’s doing. Marianne has managed Paid Social Media accounts for a wide array of clients ranging from chiropractic clinics to Downeast Clothing to the one and only VASA Fitness (shoutout to all the VASA Bros out there).

Her social media game is also strong, creating social strategies to help increase engagement and reach for clients, which now includes Provo’s Most Eligible. She couldn’t be more excited to implement different ideas on how to captivate our loyal followers.

To be honest, she has no clue (and really neither do we) how she landed an interview to work for the show, but she’s dang glad to be here. After watching Season One, she knew this was an organization she wanted to be a part of.