Emalee Terry

Emalee is a Junior at BYU studying Media Arts. She loves Post Production almost more than anything (probably too much). Her favorite thing about Post is that there’s an endless pool of information to know, and every day is full of new learning opportunities.

After working on her high school’s broadcasting team as a teenager, she realized that video was where her future lied. After graduation she began doing freelance work, making videos for non-profit organizations like “Meals on Wheels,” etc. Once she arrived at BYU she applied for the Media Arts major, as well as a position in Post at BYU Broadcasting. Her classes at BYU so far have helped her to grow towards her future career, including getting her certification in Avid Media Composer, learning about the roles and departments that make up a film crew, and learning how to better understand and analyze film. Her job at BYU Broadcasting enabled her to learn more about working in Adobe Premiere Pro, and collaborate with different areas like Audio, VFX, and Color. She spent time there as a Content Editor, Assistant Editor, and finally an Online Editor. While there she was given many opportunities to work on shows like Studio C, Story Trek, Splatalot, and her favorite, Relative Race.

After a year and a half at BYUB she switched over to work at the LDS Motion Picture Studio where she is currently employed. Emalee works on various projects at the studio as an assistant editor and DIT, and is learning a lot about Post Production Workflow.

In her spare time, Emalee works on as many other projects as will fit into her schedule. She has been a DIT for multiple BYU productions, as well as an Assistant Editor, Editor, and Post Production Supervisor. She loves collaborating with people, learning new things, and making film/video that is enjoyable and impactful.

When she’s not doing film or school work she is usually writing, reading, drawing, cooking, running, eating, spending time with her roommates/family or watching shows. Provo’s Most Eligible has been a favorite to watch with friends and laugh/cringe about, so she applied to be an Editor. It’s been a great experience to work with so many fun people, and she is excited to watch Season 2 unfold.