“The Queen Bee”

If you are looking for a girl with her life together, this is the one. Currently an ER nurse, Bee is one of the funniest women you will ever met. She is bold and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself (or call you out), but she’s got a heart of gold and is always trying to help. She’s got colorful language sometimes and knows a good “that’s what she said” opportunity when she hears one, but Bee is strong in her faith and confident in who she is. She knows how to have fun and make the most of every moment, but also knows what she wants and isn’t looking to mess around.

She says, “I love hiking, dancing, eating until I hate myself, watching movies about history/war, and playing with babies. I’m very outgoing and am looking for someone who will make me laugh and be weird with me.”

Bee Bee Bee